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The last step towards a full revision of Hieracium sect. Vulgata in Sweden

Tyler, Torbjörn
Nordic journal of botany 2017 v.35 no.3 pp. 305-321
Hieracium, evolution, multivariate analysis, ploidy, taxonomy, Sweden
This article presents a summary of what has been achieved during the last 20 years within the project ‘The hawkweeds (Hieracium s.s.) of Sweden’ in general, and concerning Hieracium sect. Vulgata in particular, a review of our present understanding of the taxonomy and evolution of this group, as well as some new results and classifications that will be implemented in a forthcoming monographic treatment of the section in Swedish. A complete nomenclatural checklist (including synonyms and type material) of the 229 accepted species is included as an appendix and these species have been assigned to 23 informal species aggregates based on a multi‐variate analysis based on morphology and what is known about their ploidy level and molecular variation. Complete lists of the morphological characters considered important in the group as well as relevant literature are also included as appendices. Seven species are described as new to science or newly elevated to the rank of species: H. anderssonii T. Tyler, H. chroocentrum (Dahlst. ex Zahn) T. Tyler, H. cramiceps T. Tyler, H. hemimaculatum T. Tyler, H. maculato‐ornatum T. Tyler, H. ragnarii T. Tyler and H. vietulifolium (Johanss. & Sam.) T. Tyler.