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Significant improvement for the functional properties of konjac glucomannan based on phase separation

Huang, Qing, Ge, Honghe, Jin, Weiping, Shah, Bakht R., Ye, Shuxin, Hu, Ying, Li, Bin, Chen, Yijie
International journal of food science & technology 2016 v.51 no.11 pp. 2396-2405
beverages, emulsifying properties, gum arabic, ingredients, konjac mannan, molecular weight, oil-water interface, rheology, separation, temperature, viscosity
Konjac glucomannan (KGM) serves as a stabiliser due to its high molecular weight and viscosity. However, these properties limit its addition in food products, especially in drinks. The main aim of this study was to improve the functional properties of KGM by a green and effective method, that is phase separation. It was found that increasing temperature accelerated phase separation of KGM/gum arabic mixture. KGM‐rich phase was characterised and its physical properties were investigated by different methods. Crystal property showed no significant changes after phase separation. Nevertheless, rheological properties indicated that the viscosities of samples after phase separation (FKGM) decreased dramatically. Their emulsifying capacities also improved. Moreover, the differences in molecular rearrangement at the oil–water interface were also studied by using interfacial rheology. These results suggested that FKGM with low viscosity had better interfacial properties, and thus may have potential applications as food ingredients.