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Development and characterization of an eggplant (Solanum melongena) doubled haploid population and a doubled haploid line with high androgenic response

Rivas-Sendra, Alba, Campos-Vega, Manuel, Calabuig-Serna, Antonio, Seguí-Simarro, JoseM.
Euphytica 2017 v.213 no.4 pp. 89
Solanum melongena, androgenesis, callus, doubled haploids, eggplants, flowers, germination, hybrids, leaves, models, plant breeding, reproductive performance, reproductive traits, seed set
We developed an eggplant doubled haploid (DH) population from a commercial hybrid through androgenesis in microspore culture. Morphological variation, reproductive ability and androgenic responsiveness were evaluated. The DH population showed segregation in vegetative traits related to leaf, flower and fruit, and in reproductive traits such as fruit and seed setting or germination rate. The DH population and subsequent generations also presented variation in the androgenic response, with null, low and high response lines. From this population, we were able to identify the first eggplant highly androgenic DH line (DH36), remarkably similar to the donor hybrid in terms of morphology and reproductive ability, but stably producing four times more calli than the hybrid. The segregating DH population is potentially useful for genetic studies and mapping of several traits, whereas the highly androgenic line DH36 may be used as a model line to facilitate the study of eggplant androgenesis and embryogenesis for both basic and applied research.