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Fine mapping the BjPl1 gene for purple leaf color in B2 of Brassica juncea L. through comparative mapping and whole-genome re-sequencing

Zhao, Zhi, Xiao, Lu, Xu, Liang, Xing, Xiaorong, Tang, Guoyong, Du, Dezhi
Euphytica 2017 v.213 no.4 pp. 80
Brassica juncea, anthocyanins, biochemical pathways, chromosome mapping, color, dominance (genetics), dominant genes, genetic analysis, leaves, linkage groups, microsatellite repeats, mutants, nutritive value, plant breeding, surveys
Purple plants with higher anthocyanin content have attracted increasing attention in recent years due to their advantageous biological functions and nutritional value. A spontaneous mutant with purple leaves, designated 1280-1, was discovered in Brassica juncea line 1280. A previous genetic analysis indicated that the purple leaf trait in 1280-1 was controlled by a dominant gene (BjPl1). In the present study, an analysis of total anthocyanin content further indicated that the purple leaf trait was controlled by a complete dominance gene. According to a survey of 426 primers available from public resources, BjPl1 was assigned to linkage group B2 of B. juncea. In the early stage of this research, based on comparative mapping in Brassica, two simple sequence repeat (SSR) markers developed from A2 of B. rapa delimited the BjPl1 gene to a 0.7-cM genetic interval in the corresponding linkage map. According to information on the B. juncea genome released recently, the location of BjPl1 was further narrowed to a 225-kb interval (17.74–17.97 Mb). Within the target region, whole-genome re-sequencing identified two candidate regions (17.74–17.78 Mb and 17.93–17.96 Mb). Through Blast analysis of the two candidate intervals, four homologous anthocyanin biosynthetic genes were identified and localized to a 17.93–17.96 Mb interval of B2 (approximately 27 kb), which might include BjPl1. This work lays the foundation for the isolation of BjPl1 and will further improve our understanding of the molecular mechanisms of the anthocyanin metabolic pathway in Brassica.