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Simple genetic inheritance conditions resistance to Liriomyza sativae in melon

Celin, Elaine Facco, da Silva, Francisco Davi, de Oliveira, Nádylla Régis Xavier, Dias, Rita de Cássia Souza, de Aragão, Fernando Antonio Souza
Euphytica 2017 v.213 no.5 pp. 101
Liriomyza sativae, antibiosis, antixenosis, death, defense mechanisms, dominance (genetics), genes, genetic resistance, hybrids, introgression, larvae, leafminers, leaves, melons, mesophyll, pedigree, pest resistance, plant breeding, plant health, testcrosses, Brazil
The leafminer Liriomyza sativae (Diptera: Agromyzidae) stands out as the main plant health problem in melon in the Northeast region of Brazil, which is the main region for production and export of the fruit. Genetic resistance of plants is an important strategy in management of this pest. The plant BAGMEL 56-R was selected as a new source of resistance to L. sativae through antibiosis; this resistance is characterized by the death of larvae soon after they begin feeding on the leaf mesophyll; the result is leaf mines that are small and insignificant in terms of yield reduction. Lines with contrasting levels of resistance were obtained from the progenies of this source of resistance through successive self-pollinations, conducted by the pedigree breeding method. Through the segregation pattern of the progenies and the test cross, the genetic nature of resistance was determined; one gene with complete dominance conditions resistance. The name Liriomyza sativae resistance and the symbol Ls are suggested to represent this new gene. In addition, through a non-preference test with lines in contrast for antibiosis and the susceptible hybrid ‘Goldex’, the presence of antixenosis was observed in this source of resistance. Probably, these different types of resistance in the source BAGMEL 56-R are associated with distinct defense mechanisms. Therefore, with this new source, introgression of resistance to L. sativae in elite lines or commercial hybrids of melon is possible.