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Evolutionary analysis of the SUB1 locus across the Oryza genomes

dos Santos, RailsonSchreinert, Farias, Danielda Rosa, Pegoraro, Camila, Rombaldi, CesarValmor, Fukao, Takeshi, Wing, RodA., de Oliveira, AntonioCosta
Rice 2017 v.10 no.1 pp. 4
Leersia, Oryza rufipogon, Oryza sativa, flooding tolerance, genes, loci, phylogeny, rice, submergence, wild relatives
BACKGROUND: Tolerance to complete submergence is recognized in a limited number of Asian rice (Oryza sativa L.) varieties, most of which contain submergence-inducible SUB1A on the polygenic SUBMERGENCE-1 (SUB1) locus. It has been shown that the SUB1 locus encodes two Ethylene-Responsive Factor (ERF) genes, SUB1B and SUB1C, in all O. sativa varieties. These genes were also found in O rufipogon and O nivara, wild relatives of O. sativa. However, detailed analysis of the polygenic locus in other Oryza species has not yet been made. FINDINGS: Chromosomal location, phylogenetic, and gene structure analyses have revealed that the SUB1 locus is conserved in the long arm of chromosome 9 in most Oryza species. We also show that the SUB1A-like gene of O. nivara is on chromosome 1 and that Leersia perrieri, a grass-tolerant to deep-flooding, presents three ERF genes in the SUB1 locus. CONCLUSION: We provide here a deeper insight into the evolutionary origin and variation of the SUB1 locus and raise the possibility that an association of these genes with flooding tolerance in L. perrieri may exist.