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Structure and expression of the TaGW7 in bread wheat (Triticum aestivum L.)

Ma, Jian, Ding, Puyang, Qin, Peng, Liu, Ya-Xi, Xie, Quan, Chen, Guangdeng, Li, Wei, Jiang, Qiantao, Chen, Guoyue, Lan, Xiu-Jin, Wei, Yu-Ming, Liu, Chunji, Zheng, You-Liang
Plant growth regulation 2017 v.82 no.2 pp. 281-291
Arabidopsis thaliana, Brachypodium distachyon, Fusarium, Triticum aestivum, anthers, awns, barley, cell growth, chromosomes, drought, early development, exons, genes, heat, introns, rice, seedlings, seeds, stem rust, stems, wheat
OsGW7 (also known as OsGL7) is homologous to the Arabidopsis thaliana gene that encodes LONGIFOLIA protein, which regulates cell elongation, and is involved in regulating grain length in rice. However, our knowledge on its ortholog in wheat, TaGW7, is limited. In this study, we identified and mapped TaGW7 in wheat, characterized its nucleotide and protein structures, predicted the cis-elements of its promoter, and analysed its expression patterns. The GW7 orthologs in barley (HvGW7), rice (OsGW7), and Brachypodium distachyon (BdGW7) were also identified for comparative analyses. TaGW7 mapped onto the short arms of group 2 chromosomes (2AS, 2BS, and 2DS). Multiple alignments indicated GW7 possesses five exons and four introns in all but two of the species analysed. An exon–intron junction composed of introns 3–4 and exons 4–5 was highly conserved. GW7 has a conserved domain (DUF 4378) and two neighbouring low complexity regions. GW7 was mainly expressed in wheat spikes and stems, in barley seedling crowns, and in rice anthers and embryo-sacs during early development. Drought and heat significantly increased and decreased GW7 expression in wheat, respectively. In barley, GW7 was significantly down-regulated in paleae and awns but up-regulated in seeds under drought treatment and down-regulated under Fusarium and stem rust inoculation. In rice, OsGW7 expression differed significantly under drought treatments. Collectively, these results provide insights into GW7 structure and expression in wheat, barley and rice. The GW7 sequence structure and expression data are the foundation for manipulating GW7 and uncovering its roles in plants.