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Identification and characterization of seedling and adult plant resistance to Puccinia hordei in selected African barley germplasm

Elmansour, H., Singh, D., Dracatos, P. M., Park, R. F.
Euphytica 2017 v.213 no.6 pp. 119
Puccinia hordei, alleles, barley, genetic resistance, genotyping, germplasm, greenhouse experimentation, leaf rust, mature plants, pathotypes, phenotype, plant breeding, seedlings, Australia
A collection of 112 African barley accessions were assessed for response to Puccinia hordei in seedling greenhouse tests using 10 pathotypes and in adult plant field tests over three successive field seasons in Australia. One of the 10 pathotypes (viz. 5457P+) used in seedling tests was also used in field tests to allow assessment of the presence of adult plant resistance (APR) in lines that were seedling susceptible to this pathotype. The seedling resistance genes Rph1, Rph2, Rph3, and Rph9.z were postulated in a number of accessions, singly and in various combinations, with Rph2 and Rph9.z being the most common. Twenty-six accessions carried seedling resistance that was either uncharacterized or could not be determined using the 10 P. hordei pathotypes. One accession carried high levels of APR and 11 accessions showed moderate levels of APR, all of which were susceptible to all P. hordei pathotypes at the seedling stage. All barley accessions were genotyped for the presence of marker alleles that are closely linked to the APR genes Rph20 and Rph23 (bPb-0837 and Ebmac0603, respectively). No accession was positive for bPb-0837, suggesting that Rph20 is not frequent in African germplasm. Thirteen accessions were postulated to carry Rph23 based on the presence of the marker allele Ebmac0603 found in Yerong (Rph23), and 10 out of the 11 accessions with moderate APR lacked the bPb-0837 and Ebmac0603 marker alleles, indicating that they likely carry new uncharacterized APR genes. Inheritance studies were performed using populations derived from four of the accessions that carried APR (Clho 9776, Clho 11958, Mecknes Maroc and Sinai) by crossing with the susceptible barley genotype Gus. Chi squared analysis of the phenotypic data from F₃ populations suggested that CIho9776 carried a single APR gene and CIho11958, Mecknes Maroc and Sinai each carried two genes for APR to leaf rust.