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An evaluation method of the sustainability of water resource in karst region: a case study of Zunyi, China

Li, Bo, Wang, Ganlu, Ding, Hanghang, Chen, Yulong
Appl Water Sci 2017 v.7 no.3 pp. 1391-1397
case studies, desertification, economic systems, ecosystems, humans, karsts, soil, topography, water requirement, water resources, China
Water resource is of great significance to the survival and development of human. However, the water resource system in karst regions is sensitive to external interference owing to the special geological processes which cause soil impoverishment, severe rocky desertification and large topographic height difference. Therefore, evaluating the sustainability of the water resource in karst regions is beneficial to reasonably use and protect water resource. This paper puts forward to evaluate the water resource from four aspects, including water resources system, water requirement system, ecosystem and social economic system. Moreover, on this basis, 18 evaluation indexes were selected to construct the sustainability evaluation index system and method. This method was used to evaluate the sustainability of the water resource in the typical karst region—Zunyi, Guizhou province, China, and was verified according to the actual situation in the research area. All these provide reference for the evaluation of the sustainability of the water resource in similar regions.