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Morphological Characterization of Sunflower Under Organic Fertilization and Seed Oil Content and Yield Pie : Sunflower production under organic fertilization

Lobão, Erico, Andrade, Albericio Pereira, Fernandes, Pedro Dantas, Medeiros, Everaldo Paulo, Santos, Edson Mauro, Souto, Jacob Silva, Lobão, Dan Érico
Helia 2017 v.40 no.66 pp. 29-45
Helianthus annuus, arid lands, cattle, cattle manure, cotton, crop production, cultivars, fertilizer application, fruits, leaves, lipid content, nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy, organic fertilizers, plant height, seed oils, seeds, sunflower cake
This study aimed to evaluate the morphology of sunflower productivity and oil content of seeds and sunflower cake, cv. Helium 250, subjected to doses of organic manure on dryland. The design was a randomized block with six treatments and four blocks and nine observations. Treatments consisted of manure levels: T1 - without adding manure, T2 – 7.5 t ha–¹, T3 – 15 t ha–¹, T4 – 22.5 t ha–¹, T5 – 30 t ha–¹, T6 – 37.5 t ha–¹. For morphological evaluation noted the diameter of the chapter, plant height and number of leaves. We estimated the yield of achenes from the weight of 100 seeds, and productivity of oil and cake from seed production. The oil content of the seed was determined by nuclear magnetic resonance at the Laboratory of Technology (LATEC) Embrapa Cotton, while the pie by ether extraction determined in the Laboratory of Animal Nutrition of the Center for Agricultural Sciences, Federal University of Paraíba. The plant height and head diameter of sunflower were positively influenced (P<0.05) by the dosage of manure compared to treatment without manure. The cattle manure fertilization promotes increased sunflower productivity, reflecting directly on grain production, as well as in the production of oil and pie. It was possible to obtain average 127.37 kg ha–¹ Mass crude oil sunflower cultivar Helium 250. The maximization of grain and pie production can be achieved with organic manure of bovine in 37.5 t ha–¹, what means a fertilization with 352.5 kg N ha–¹.