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Inheritance of Leaf Tip Shape and Fringed Leaf Margin in Sunflower

Soroka, A., Lyakh, V.
Helia 2017 v.40 no.66 pp. 21-28
Helianthus annuus, chi-square distribution, duplicate genes, genetic traits, leaves, loci, models, mutagens, mutants, phenotype, sunflower seed
After mutagenic treatment of sunflower seeds two traits of altered leaf shape were found – obtuse shape of leaf tip and strongly sinuate (fringed) leaf margin. To study the inheritance pattern of these traits, the mutant lines were crossed with the source lines and between themselves. It was shown that the traits of obtuse leaf and fringed leaf are recessive and inherited as monogenic traits when mating with the source line. In crossings of mutants, all F₁ plants had normal (acute leaf tip, fringe absence) phenotype. In F₂ generation, the 1/16 of plants with obtuse leaves and 1/4 of fringed plants were found. It was concluded that the shape of leaf tip is under the control of two genetic loci with duplicate genes interaction without cumulative effect. In that case obtuse shape of leaf tip is a double recessive homozygote. Fringed leaf is recessive in relation to the normal serrate leaf (absence of fringe) and inherited according to a single gene model. The chi-square test for goodness-of-fit indicated that the observed segregation pattern for the traits of leaf tip shape and leaf margin shape fit well to the expected ratio assuming that those two traits of leaf are inherited independently.