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Research on Particles’ Velocity Distribution in a Whirlpool Separator Using the PIV Method of Measurement

Sterczyńska, Monika, Jakubowski, Marek
International journal of food engineering 2017 v.13 no.6 pp. 6
beers, brewing, particles, tanks, velocity
The cylindrical whirlpool is used to separate hot trub from beer wort. When the tank is being filled and the contained mixture is swirled, a phenomenon takes place the main principle of which is formation of a cone of residue in the center of the tank. This paper is aimed at further development of the research on symmetrization of the cone-accumulating flow during tank filling. Herein are presented average values of particles’ velocity while in rotational motion in a whirlpool tank of modified structure. The modification is a vertically reduced baffle attached to the tank’s bottom. The experiments were conducted for two different filling rates and three different baffle positions. Measurements of particles’ velocity were performed with the PIV method. Results have been presented in the form of surface of average particles’ velocity distribution for given radius values throughout the entire process. The most advantageous baffle positions were determined.