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The NEBIE plot network: Highlights of long-term scientific studies

Bell, F. Wayne, Dacosta, Jennifer, Newmaster, Steven G., Mallik, Azim, Hunt, Shelley, Anand, Madhur, Maloles, Jose, Peng, Changhui, Parton, John, McLaughlin, John, Winters, John, Wester, Monique, Shaw, Margo
The Forestry chronicle 2017 v.93 no.2 pp. 122-137
biodiversity, boreal forests, environmental health, environmental impact, experimental design, forest management, forest policy, forest types, research projects, silviculture, socioeconomics, soil, water resources, Ontario
The NEBIE plot network is a stand-scale, multi-agency research project designed to compare the ecological effects of a range of silvicultural treatments in northern temperate and boreal forest regions of Ontario, Canada. While research on silviculture intensities has been previously conducted, the NEBIE plot network is at a larger scale, and covers a wider range of intensities in a variety of northern temperate and boreal forest types. Details about experimental design, treatment designs and research sites, are presented in a companion paper which is published in this edition of The Forestry Chronicle. The operational scale of treatment plots allow for assessment of a variety of forest values. We used a criteria and indicator approach to organize long-term research studies on the network sites, with the goal of providing scientific findings that would inform forest policy. Pre-treatment, and 2-, 5-, and 10-year post-harvesting data have been collected. These initial data add to existing information on the effects of intensification of silviculture on biological diversity, forest productivity, ecosystem health and vitality, soil and water resources, contribution of enhanced forest management global carbon cycles, and long-term multiple socio-economic benefits of northern forests.