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Bioinformatics in the Plant Genomic and Phenomic Domain: The German Contribution to Resources, Services and Perspectives

Schmutzer, Thomas, Bolger, Marie E., Rudd, Stephen, Chen, Jinbo, Gundlach, Heidrun, Arend, Daniel, Oppermann, Markus, Weise, Stephan, Lange, Matthias, Spannagl, Manuel, Usadel, Björn, Mayer, Klaus F.X., Scholz, Uwe
Journal of biotechnology 2017
biodiversity, bioinformatics, computer software, crops, genes, genotype, germplasm, infrastructure, phenotype, plant breeding, plant genetic resources, seeds, Germany
Plant genetic resources are a substantial opportunity for plant breeding, preservation and maintenance of biological diversity. As part of the German Network for Bioinformatics Infrastructure (de.NBI) the German Crop BioGreenformatics Network (GCBN) focuses mainly on crop plants and provides both data and software infrastructure which are tailored to the needs of the plant research community. Our mission and key objectives include: (1) provision of transparent access to germplasm seeds, (2) the delivery of improved workflows for plant gene annotation, and (3) implementation of bioinformatics services that link genotypes and phenotypes. This review introduces the GCBN’s spectrum of web-services and integrated data resources that address common research problems in the plant genomics community.