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Pyridinium ionic liquid-based liquid-solid extraction of inorganic and organic iodine from Laminaria

Peng, Li-Qing, Yu, Wen-Yan, Xu, Jing-Jing, Cao, Jun
Food chemistry 2018 v.239 pp. 1075-1084
Laminaria, detection limit, food matrix, iodine, ionic liquids, organoiodine compounds, pH, scanning electron microscopy, transmission electron microscopy, ultrasonics
A simple, green and effective extraction method, namely, pyridinium ionic liquid- (IL) based liquid-solid extraction (LSE), was first designed to extract the main inorganic and organic iodine compounds (I−, monoiodo-tyrosine (MIT) and diiodo-tyrosine (DIT)). The optimal extraction conditions were as follows: ultrasonic intensity 100W, IL ([EPy]Br) concentration 200mM, extraction time 30min, liquid/solid ratio 10mL/g, and pH value 6.5. The morphologies of Laminaria were studied by scanning electron microscopy and transmission electron microscopy. The recovery values of I−, MIT and DIT from Laminaria were in the range of 88% to 94%, and limits of detection were in the range of 59.40 to 283.6ng/g. The proposed method was applied to the extraction and determination of iodine compounds in three Laminaria. The results showed that IL-based LSE could be a promising method for rapid extraction of bioactive iodine from complex food matrices.