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Numerical estimation of photovoltaic–electrolyzer system performance on the basis of a weather database

Herlambang, Yusuf Dewantoro, Lee, Shun-Ching, Hsu, Huan-Chi
International journal of green energy 2017 v.14 no.7 pp. 575-586
ambient temperature, databases, hydrogen production, latitude, mathematical models, solar collectors, solar radiation, summer, wind speed, winter, Taiwan
We performed a numerical simulation to investigate the performance of a photovoltaic (PV)–electrolyzer on the basis of a simulated weather database during the summer solstice (SS), autumnal equinox (AE), and winter solstice (WS), and all year round. First, we selected a location in southern Taiwan (latitude: 22.65°N) to create a local weather simulation database that included daily solar radiation, wind speed, and ambient temperature. The I – V curves of a PV system and an electrolyzer were obtained numerically by using Simpson integration computation. Subsequently, the optimal configuration of a PV driving system comprising the electrolyzer and the PV panel was determined. The database of weather conditions was input into the numerical estimation model of the PV–electrolyzer system, and the hydrogen generation rates and hydrogen production volumes under both clear skies and changeable weather conditions were obtained.