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AHP-based approach for optimization of waste disposal method in urban functional zone

Yin, Li-Jie, Wang, Cheng, Hu, Yu-Yan, Chen, De-Zhen, Xu, Ji-Fu, Liu, Juan
Environmental technology 2017 v.38 no.13-14 pp. 1689-1695
energy, environmental technology, models, municipal solid waste, urban development, urban planning, waste disposal, China
In this study, the municipal solid waste (MSW) is considered as one kind of energy source in urban planning scheme instead of a trash stream. Considering the characteristics of MSW from different urban functional zones and the current energy supply modes, an evaluation model for waste-to-energy (WtE) method was set up based on the analytical hierarchy process technique. The model consists of three layers: 15 fundamental indices, 4 influencing factors based on fundamental indices and the target functions supported by influencing factors. Taking an urban functional region of a city in north China as the research object, 4 alternatives are compared according to their weights and the sensitivities of the influencing factors are analyzed. The result will provide guide for the disposal method of WtE in new urban district planning and old urban redevelopment.