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Phytoconstituents and stability of betalains in fruit extracts of Malabar spinach (Basella rubra L.)

Kumar, Sandopu Sravan, Manoj, Prabhakaran, Nimisha, Girish, Giridhar, Parvatam
Journal of food science and technology 2016 v.53 no.11 pp. 4014-4022
Basella alba, ascorbic acid, betalains, dietary fiber, fruit extracts, fruits, functional foods, minerals, niacin, nutrient content, nutrients, pH, polyunsaturated fatty acids, proximate composition, salts, storage time, temperature, tocopherols
This study aimed to assess the nutrient composition, minerals, and stability of betalains pigment from fruit extracts of Basella rubra. The proximate composition included total carbohydrates (1.64 g), protein (51 mg), total lipid (1.38%), moisture (81.76%), niacin (0.5 mg), ascorbic acid (89.33 mg), and total tocopherols (1.27 mg) in 100 g fresh deseeded fruit. Total dietary fibre of 32.52 g and soluble dietary fibre of 12.34 g in 100 g dry deseeded fruits. Fatty acid composition of dry deseeded fruits comprised 57.52% SFA, 20.62% MUFA and 22.28% PUFA. Pigment (betalain) rich fruit extracts showed excellent stability over 20 days of storage under varied pH, temperature, light, acids, salts and sugars. B. rubra fruit was observed as a potential source of nutrients and betalains as a functional food.