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Emulsion gels as potential fat replacers delivering β-glucan and healthy lipid content for food applications

Pintado, T., Herrero, A. M., Jiménez-Colmenero, F., Ruiz-Capillas, C.
Journal of food science and technology 2016 v.53 no.12 pp. 4336-4347
alginates, animal fats and oils, beta-glucans, color, emulsions, fat replacers, frozen storage, gel strength, gelatin, health claims, lipid content, meat products, nutrition, oat bran, oats, olive oil, pH, texture, thermal stability
Oat emulsion gels and oil-free oat gels were formulated with varying proportions of oat bran/olive oil (from 12/40 to 28/0) without or with alginate or gelatin used as animal fat replacers and/or to provide β-glucan and MUFA for meat products. Composition, technological properties (thermal stability, colour, texture, etc.) and the effects of chilled and frozen storage of samples were evaluated. Depending on the proportion, samples developed for use as animal fat replacers in meat products may endow these with properties qualifying them for nutrition and health claims. No samples showed any noticeable syneresis and all showed good thermal stability. Increasing of oat bran/olive oil increased a* and reduced b* values, while differences in L* depended on the gelling agent. Penetration force (PF) and gel strength increased when the oat bran/oil ratio increased, with the highest values in the samples containing alginate or gelatin. Thermal losses and PF generally increased during chilled and frozen storage, and no significant differences were observed in colour or pH over storage.