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Biological performance of particleboard incorporated with boron minerals

Terzi, Evren, Kartal, S. Nami, Gerardin, Philippe, Ibanez, Claudia Marcela, Yoshimura, Tsuyoshi
Journal of forestry research 2017 v.28 no.1 pp. 195-203
Anobium, Isoptera, absorption, borax, boron, colemanite, decay resistance, insect larvae, manufacturing, particleboards, ulexite, zinc
We compared resistance to decay, mold fungi, termites and insect larvae of particleboards incorporated with the raw boron minerals ulexite and colemanite to that of particleboards impregnated with the commercial boron preservative zinc borate, or boric acid plus a borax mixture. We also quantified water absorption, thickness swell and boron release of particleboards. Ulexite had the best decay resistance, and colemanite had the best termite resistance. However, ulexite and colemanite were not as effective as zinc borate or the boric acid/borax mixture in preventing mold growth. In general, the boric acid/borax mixture combination was more effective against Anobium larvae than the other treatments. Less boron was released by specimens containing zinc borate and colemanite than by those containing ulexite or the boric acid/borax mixture. In general, water absorption and thickness swell were similar among the different treatments, but both were slightly higher in the ulexite-incorporated specimens. Further mechanical tests will be needed to evaluate the particleboard properties and thereby the compatibility of these boron minerals with various manufacturing processes.