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Inducible gene expression system by 3-hydroxypropionic acid

Zhou, Shengfang, Ainala, Satish Kumar, Seol, Eunhee, Nguyen, Trinh Thi, Park, Sunghoon
Biotechnology for biofuels 2015 v.8 no.1 pp. 169
Pseudomonas denitrificans, excretion, gene expression, gene expression regulation, genes, industrial applications, microorganisms, regulatory proteins, transcription (genetics), transcription factors
BACKGROUND: 3-Hydroxypropionic acid (3-HP) is an important platform chemical that boasts a variety of industrial applications. Gene expression systems inducible by 3-HP, if available, are of great utility for optimization of the pathways of 3-HP production and excretion. RESULTS: Here we report the presence of unique inducible gene expression systems in Pseudomonas denitrificans and other microorganisms. In P. denitrificans, transcription of three genes (hpdH, mmsA and hbdH-4) involved in 3-HP degradation was upregulated by 3-HP by the action of a transcriptional regulator protein, LysR, and a cis-acting regulatory site for LysR binding. Similar inducible systems having an LysR transcriptional regulator were identified in other microorganisms that also could degrade 3-HP. A docking study showed that the 3-HP binding pocket is located between the N-terminal helix-turn-helix motif and the C-terminal cofactor-binding domain. CONCLUSIONS: This LysR-regulated 3-HP-inducible system should prove useful for control of the level of gene expression in response to 3-HP.