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Influence of the fiber from agro-industrial co-products as functional food ingredient on the acceptance, neophobia and sensory characteristics of cooked sausages

Díaz-Vela, Juan, Totosaus, Alfonso, Escalona-Buendía, Héctor B., Pérez-Chabela, M. Lourdes
Journal of food science and technology 2017 v.54 no.2 pp. 379-385
cactus pears, color, coproducts, eating disorders, females, flavor, fruit peels, functional foods, healthy diet, ingredients, new products, pears, pineapples, pork, sausages, sensory evaluation, smell, taste, texture
The sensory analysis of new products is essential for subsequent acceptance by consumers, moreover in the functional food market. The acceptance and food neophobia of cooked sausages formulated with cactus pear fiber or pineapple pear fiber, as functional ingredient, was complemented with a sensory characterization by R-index and qualitative descriptive analysis (QDA). Female consumers aged between 40 and 50 years showed greater interest in the consumption of healthy foods, with a higher level of food neophobia towards pineapple fiber sausages. R-index for taste was higher in pineapple fiber samples. Cactus pear fiber samples presented higher R-index score for texture. In QDA, color, sweet, astringent and bitter flavors, pork meat smell and a firm and plastic texture were significant, with a good relationship (38%) between the evaluated attributes. Sensory attributes are important on the acceptance and neophobia of functional foods like cooked sausages with fruit peel fiber as functional ingredient.