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Fractionation of unreduced gluten proteins on SEC and their relationship with cookie quality characteristics

Chaudhary, Nisha, Dangi, Priya, Khatkar, B. S.
Journal of food science and technology 2017 v.54 no.2 pp. 342-348
cookies, dough, dough development, fractionation, gliadin, glutenins, hardness, liquid chromatography, molecular weight, wheat, wheat gluten
The size distribution assessment of unreduced wheat gluten proteins of commercial Indian wheat varieties was examined using Size-Exclusion Fast Protein Liquid Chromatography. Elution profiles were fractionated into five peaks, with the molecular weights of eluting peaks as 130–30, 55–20, 28–10 and <10 kDa (IV and V), respectively. Peak I (glutenins) and II (gliadins) exhibited contrary results with AWRC (r = 0.928** and r = −0.831**), R/E ratio (r = 0.745** and r = −0.869**), gluten index (r = 0.959** and r = −0.994**), gliadin/glutenin ratio (r = −0.952** and r = 0.948**), dough development time (r = 0.830** and r = −0.930**), dough stability (r = 0.901** and r = −0.979**) and dough weakening (r = −0.969** and r = 0.986**). Significant statistical correlation was also observed for peak I and II with cookie hardness (r = 0.948** and r = −0.924**) and cookie spread (r = −0.837** and r = −0.743**) respectively. Peak III, IV and V occupied a minor fraction of whole and did not exhibit a statistically significant correlation with any of the quality parameters.