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C-kit receptor immunopositive interstitial cells (Cajal-type) in the porcine reproductive tract

Domino, Malgorzata, Pawlinski, Bartosz, Zabielski, Romuald, Gajewski, Zdzislaw
Acta veterinaria scandinavica 2017 v.59 no.1 pp. 32
digestive system, immunohistochemistry, muscles, oviducts, phenotype, smooth muscle, swine, uterus
BACKGROUND: Interstitial Cajal cells have been suspected as being the pacemaker cells of smooth muscle motor activity and discharging slow triggering waves in the gut as well as in other organs containing smooth muscles where they are known as interstitial Cajal-like cells (ICLC). The present study describes ICLC localization and density in the porcine oviduct and uterus. Differences in ICLC density were examined using histological, immunohistochemical and immunofluorescent methods and c-kit expression was determined. RESULTS: interstitial Cajal-like cells with characteristic morphological and immunological phenotypes were found. Star-like or spindle-shaped cells with very long, moniliform processes were localized in the muscle layers of the oviduct and uterine walls at variable densities that decreased progressively from high in the oviduct to low in the uterus. CONCLUSIONS: The detailed description of ICLC in the porcine reproductive tract may lead to a better understanding of reproductive tract motility. Our approach is inexpensive and effective for ICLC evaluation and may in the future be applied to clinical diagnosis.