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Levels and formation of α-dicarbonyl compounds in beverages and the preventive effects of flavonoids

Wang, Chen, Lu, Yongling, Huang, Qiju, Zheng, Tiesong, Sang, Shengmin, Lv, Lishuang
Journal of food science and technology 2017 v.54 no.7 pp. 2030-2040
Maillard reaction, beverages, bioactive compounds, gas chromatography, manufacturing, proteins, quercetin, soymilk, supermarkets, sweeteners
Methylglyoxal (MGO) and glyoxal (GO), α-dicarbonyl compounds found in the Maillard reaction, progressively and irreversibly modify proteins. Beverages are an exogenous source of α-dicarbonyl compounds and may potentially increase MGO and GO levels in vivo. Using GC-FID method, we detected the MGO and GO contents of 86 beverages in Chinese supermarkets. The highest MGO and GO 587.5 µg/100 mL and 716.7 µg/100 mL respectively found in soyamilk and coffee. Herbal beverages, which contained bioactive components, had lower average levels of MGO (48.1 µg/100 mL) and GO (25.9 µg/100 mL). A box-and-whisker plot was used to display variation of the same group drinks, and comparing distributions between six different groups. It was further discovered that fat, protein and flavonoids, in addition to sweeteners, had notable effects on the formation of MGO and GO in soybean milk. The result of LC/MS indicated that quercetin could prevent the formation of MGO by trapping MGO to form the mono-MGO and di-MGO adducts during soybean milk manufacturing.