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Factors Influencing Anaerobic Biodegradation of Biodiesel Industry Wastewater

Pereira, Erlon L., Borges, Alisson C., Heleno, Fernanda F., Costa, Tiago H. C., Mounteer, Ann H.
Water, air, and soil pollution 2017 v.228 no.6 pp. 213
biodegradation, biodiesel, byproducts, chemical oxygen demand, fuel production, glycerol, inoculum, mathematical models, mixing, pH, process control, temperature, wastewater
Economic and environmental stimuli for biodiesel production have also increased production of glycerol, a byproduct present in biodiesel industry wastewater (BIW). The objective of the present study was to analyze which factors influenced glycerol biodegradation in anaerobic sequencing batch reactors (AnSBR) in the attempt to optimize chemical oxygen demand (COD) removal efficiency. Six factors were analyzed: pH, temperature, mixing speed, influent COD, inoculum mass, and reaction time. The results indicated that mixing speed, temperature, mass of inoculum, and reaction time had direct influence on COD removal efficiency in BIW. The reactor used in the experiments operated with efficiencies and applied loads above those mentioned in the literature. The mathematical model generated in this study can be used for estimating efficiency, process control and scale up of AnSBR.