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What distribution function do life cycle inventories follow?

Qin, Yuwei, Suh, Sangwon
The international journal of life cycle assessment 2017 v.22 no.7 pp. 1138-1145
Monte Carlo method, Weibull statistics, databases, life cycle inventory, lognormal distribution, uncertainty
PURPOSE: Life cycle inventory (LCI) results are often assumed to follow a lognormal distribution, while a systematic study that identifies the distribution function that best describes LCIs has been lacking. This paper aims to find the distribution function that best describes LCIs using Ecoinvent v3.1 database using a statistical approach, called overlapping coefficient analysis. METHODS: Monte Carlo simulation is applied to characterize the distribution of aggregate LCIs. One thousand times of simulated LCI results are generated based on the unit process-level parametric uncertainty information, from each of which 1000 randomly chosen data points are extracted. The 1 million data points extracted undergo statistical analyses including Shapiro-Wilk normality test and the overlapping coefficient analysis. The overlapping coefficient is a measure used to determine the shared area between the distribution of the simulated LCI results and three possible distribution functions that can potentially be used to describe them including lognormal, gamma, and Weibull distributions. RESULTS AND DISCUSSION: Shapiro-Wilk normality test for 1000 samples shows that average p value of log-transformed LCI results is 0.18 at 95 % confidence level, accepting the null hypothesis that LCI results are lognormally distributed. The overlapping coefficient analysis shows that lognormal distribution best describes the distribution of LCI results. The average of overlapping coefficient (OVL) for lognormal distribution is 95 %, while that for gamma and Weibull distributions are 92 and 86 %, respectively. CONCLUSIONS: This study represents the first attempt to calculate the stochastic distributions of the aggregate LCIs covering the entire Ecoinvent 3.1 database. This study empirically shows that LCIs of Ecoinvent 3.1 database indeed follow a lognormal distribution. This finding can facilitate more efficient storage and use of uncertainty information in LCIs and can reduce the demand for computational power to run Monte Carlo simulation, which currently relies on unit process-level uncertainty data.