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Rapid prediction of surface characteristics of European and Siberian larch wood by FT-NIRS

Forsthuber, Boris, Ecker, Monika, Truskaller, Michael, Grüll, Gerhard
European journal of wood and wood products 2017 v.75 no.4 pp. 569-580
Larix decidua, Larix sibirica, arabinogalactans, coatings, durability, feasibility studies, heartwood, prediction, resins, spectroscopy, wood
Application of coatings on larch wood surfaces with high concentrations of arabinogalactan and wood resins and/or low pH-values can pose problems regarding film formation and service life of coatings. In the present feasibility study, FT-NIR spectroscopy as a method for the quantification of the abovementioned wood characteristics on the surface of heartwood of European and Siberian larch (Larix decidua, Larix sibirica) was investigated. Predictions by FT-NIRS were accurate and reliable for the actual arabinogalactan content on the wood surface with R² (CV) of 0.75–0.89 and RMSEP of 18.82–29.14 mg g⁻¹. Prediction of the pH-value of the larch wood surface was also possible, although less reliable than for the arabinogalactan content (R² CV: 0.60–0.70; RMSE: 0.34–0.37). The prediction of the wood resin content allowed only a rough estimation of the actual resin concentration, which might be due to the uneven distribution of the wood resin across the wood surface. It was concluded that the quantification and finding of extreme values of arabinogalactan content and surface pH-value can be predicted accurately, while the prediction of the wood resin content gives only indicative values.