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Heavy metals geochemistry in selected districts of upper east region soils, Ghana

Essel, Kofi Kwegyir
Environmental earth sciences 2017 v.76 no.10 pp. 358
X-radiation, agricultural products, cadmium, chromium, copper, fluorescence, geochemistry, groundwater, heavy metals, humans, industrialization, intensive farming, lead, normal distribution, soil, soil sampling, spectrometers, strontium, surface water, toxic substances, toxicity, urbanization, zinc, zirconium, Ghana
Due to rapid urbanization, industrialization and intensive agriculture in Ghana, upsurge in heavy metals in soils have become a major concern. An environmental geochemical investigation was carried out in selected districts of upper east to determine the effects of contamination in the study area. Soil samples collected in the study area were analyzed for Cu, Cr, Pb, V, Zr, Cd, Zn and Sr contents using Philips PW 2440 X-ray fluorescence spectrometer. Samples were collected from top 30- to 40-cm layer of the soil. Levels of the metals in soils in the study area were found to be significantly higher than their normal distribution in the soil such as Cu—53 ppm, Cr—999 ppm, Pb—111 ppm, V—126 ppm, Zr—1134 ppm and Zn—1296 ppm and Sr—953 ppm. Higher concentration of these toxic elements is responsible for the development of toxicity in agricultural products, and these elements can be leached into groundwater or surface water which in turn affects human life.