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Bacterial biosurfactants can be an ecofriendly and advanced technology for remediation of heavy metals and co-contaminated soil

Das, A. J., Lal, S., Kumar, R., Verma, C.
International journal of environmental science and technology 2017 v.14 no.6 pp. 1343-1354
biosurfactants, ecotoxicology, heavy metals, pollution, remediation, soil, sustainable technology
Environmental pollution due to heavy metals has become a significant drawback as a result of their ecotoxicity. Hence, their remediation is of pressing concern. Many technologies are planned for their remediation; however, most of them are highly expensive and result in incomplete removal of contaminants. So, massive attention has paid to the event and application of the latest biologically techniques, that is effective in remedy and cost, not harming the prevailing surroundings. Hence, application of biosurfactant in heavy metal remediation is one among the recent ecofriendly technique. The present review critically highlights bacterial biosurfactants as a best alternative technique for heavy metals remediation. The review also emphasizes that bacterial biosurfactants can open up a new vista in remediation of metal-contaminated soil.