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Physical Mapping of Puroindoline b-2 Genes in Wheat using ‘Chinese Spring’ Chromosome Group 7 Deletion Lines

Geng, Hongwei, Beecher, Brian S., He, Zhonghu, Morris, Craig F.
Crop science 2012 v.52 no.6 pp. 2674
Triticum aestivum, chromosome elimination, chromosomes, genes, hardness, physical chromosome mapping, seeds, wheat
The puroindoline genes (and), located very near to the distal end of the short arm of chromosome 5D (distal to fraction arm length of 0.78) have a significant effect on grain hardness. () is another puroindoline gene family that exists as a homoeologous series on group 7 chromosomes. However, a more detailed localization (physical mapping) of the genes has not been conducted. In the present study, 24 group 7 long-arm chromosome deletion stocks of ‘Chinese Spring’ were used to physically map three variant genes: , , and . All three genes were found to be physically located on the most distal 0.11 to 0.16 fraction arm length of chromosomes 7AL, 7BL, and 7DL in Chinese Spring. These results contribute insight into wheat (L.) genome synteny, structure, and organization and provide a useful metric for germplasm and population relationships. Future studies may further resolve the physical mapping of genes at the ends of group 7 chromosomes and contribute to a better understanding of the molecular and genetic basis of kernel hardness.