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Design, measurement and evaluation of photovoltaic pumping system for rural areas in Oman

Kazem, Hussein A., Al-Waeli, Ali H. A., Chaichan, Miqdam T., Al-Mamari, Asma S., Al-Kabi, Atma H.
Environment, development and sustainability 2017 v.19 no.3 pp. 1041-1053
capital, energy, environmental factors, generators (equipment), rural areas, solar collectors, systems engineering, Oman
In the present paper, the optimum design of a PV system used to operate a water pumping system was determined for Oman. The system design focused on the environmental conditions of Sohar city. The implementation and measurement of the designed system are presented to prove the effectiveness of the proposed system. The results show that the system can provide the required power at peak hours, leading to a substantial reduction in the sizing of the PV system. Consequently, the investment capital costs 2400 USD, and the cost of energy is equal to 0.309 USD/kWh. Furthermore, the results indicate that the system annual yield factor is 2024.66 kWh/kWp and that the capacity factor is 23.05 %, which is encouraging since the latter is typically 21 %. The system capital cost and the cost of energy are worth comparing to a diesel generator. A comparison is made between the proposed system and several others in the literature. The comparison indicated that the system cost of energy is promising.