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Synthesis and Characterization of New Biodiesels Derived From Oils of Plants Growing in Northern Wisconsin and Minnesota

Lane, James W., Hukriede, Kurt, Jersett, Adam, Koirala, Damodar, Levings, Dan, Stewart, Aaron, Waxman, Michael A.
journal of the American Oil Chemists' Society 2012 v.89 no.4 pp. 721-725
alcohols, crystallization, differential scanning calorimetry, esters, hazelnuts, lipid content, oils, transesterification, Minnesota, Wisconsin
We report on the preparation and selected properties of some new biodiesels which we synthesized from oils of plants growing in Northern Wisconsin and Minnesota. The composition and the low-temperature properties such as crystallization onset T c and end of melting T m investigated with the help of differential scanning calorimetry are presented. Some of these biodiesels exhibited remarkably good low-temperature characteristics. In order to further improve these properties, we use a variety of alcohols during the transesterification process, including isopropyl, 2-butyl, and isoamyl alcohols. Using several parameters such as oil content and crystallization onset temperature T c, plant species that appear most promising have been identified, among those highbush cranberry (T c ≈ −31 °C for its methyl esters, T c ≈ −41 °C for its 2-butyl esters), dotted horsemint (T c ≈ −17 °C for its methyl esters, T c ≈ −40 °C for its 2-butyl esters), and American hazelnut (T c ≈ −19 °C for its methyl esters, T c ≈ −30 °C for its 2-butyl esters).