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Optimized genotyping with microsatellite markers in the fungal banana pathogen Mycosphaerella fijiensis (Mycosphaerellaceae)

Robert, Stéphanie, Rieux, Adrien, Argout, Xavier, Carlier, Jean, Zapater, Marie-Françoise
American journal of botany 2010 v.97 no.12 pp. e130
DNA, Mycosphaerella fijiensis, bananas, fungi, genetic markers, genotyping, leaves, loci, microsatellite repeats, pathogens, population genetics
Premise of the study: Large-scale population genetics studies are required to investigate the dispersal processes underlying the emergence of Mycosphaerella fijiensis, a fungal pathogen of banana. To this end, we have developed an optimized genotyping procedure combining novel microsatellite markers and a modified DNA extraction protocol. METHODS: and Results: Primers for tetranucleotide loci were designed directly from the recently published genome sequence of M. fijiensis. A total of 19 new polymorphic and easy-to-score markers were developed. Their use was combined with an adapted protocol for total DNA extraction starting from young lesions collected from banana leaves, thus avoiding a pathogen isolation step. CONCLUSIONS: The combination of the two technical developments presented here will permit the expansion of genotyping capacity in M. fijiensis, allowing large-scale analysis of samples from various geographic locations.