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Wheat Flour Replacement by Wine Grape Pomace Powder Positively Affects Physical, Functional and Sensory Properties of Cookies

Maner, Salama, Sharma, Ajay Kumar, Banerjee, K.
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, India, Section B: biological sciences 2017 v.87 no.1 pp. 109-113
anthocyanins, antioxidant activity, antioxidants, color, cookies, drying temperature, grape pomace, harvesting, ingredients, maceration, phenols, sensory properties, wastes, wheat flour, wine grapes, winemaking, wines, yeasts
Winemaking is a very old practice. Generation of different wastes during winemaking is well known. Efforts are needed for appropriate disposal of these wastes rather than dumping them in open fields and creating environmental problems. Wine grape pomace has been recorded with nutritional and antioxidant properties. Present study was carried out by replacing part of wheat flour with wine grape pomace powder (WGPP) at levels of 5, 10, 15 and 20 %. While in case of control cookies were made without adding WGPP. Cookies were prepared using two stage method of cooky making. Wine grape pomace powder was added to dry ingredients. The addition of wine grape pomace powder increased antioxidant properties comprising ferric reducing antioxidant power, total phenol content, flavonoid and anthocyanin. Wine grape pomace powder imparts brown colour to cookies as compared to control. The colour intensity was increased with increasing concentration of wine grape pomace powder in cookies. Maximum colour intensity was observed in cookies obtained from T5. Addition of 5 % of wine grape pomace powder (T2) was registered with maximum score in the organoleptic testing. However, the availability of various constituents in pomace is affected by many factors like variety, harvesting at particular stage, maceration duration, yeast strains or culture used for winemaking, winemaking conditions, pressure used for separation of wine from pomace and pomace drying temperature etc. Focused and right efforts are needed to increase the acceptance of cookies having more wine grape pomace powder as consumers will get more antioxidants with cookies.