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Effects of densification on untreated and nano-aluminum-oxide impregnated poplar wood

Taghiyari, Hamid R., Rassam, Ghonche, Ahmadi-DavazdahEmam, Kazem
Journal of forestry research 2017 v.28 no.2 pp. 403-410
Populus nigra, humidity, mechanical properties, polymers, thermal conductivity, water vapor, wood
Effects of densification of poplar wood (Populus nigra) impregnated with nano-aluminum oxide (NA) and pre-treated with water vapor for 4 and 6 h were investigated in the present study. Physical and mechanical properties of treated poplar wood were measured according to the ASTM D-143 standard specifications, and then compared with the untreated specimens. Results showed significant improvement in all properties as a result of densification. A 4-h vapor pre-treatment improved effects on both physical and mechanical properties. When the duration of vapor-treatment increased to 6 h, wood polymers degraded to the extent that the improvements due to the vapor pre-treatment decreased substantially, though the final results were still significant improvements compared with the control specimens. High thermal conductivity coefficient of NA slightly but not significantly improved properties. Due to the high spring-back after 15 days, densified poplar is not recommended for applications in which densified wood will be exposed for long periods to high humidity or to direct water.