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Tree species recognition system based on macroscopic image analysis

Ibrahim, Imanurfatiehah, Khairuddin, Anis Salwa Mohd, Abu Talip, Mohamad Sofian, Arof, Hamzah, Yusof, Rubiyah
Wood science and technology 2017 v.51 no.2 pp. 431-444
databases, experts, image analysis, models, support vector machines, texture, trees, tropical wood, wood logs
An automated wood texture recognition system of 48 tropical wood species is presented. For each wood species, 100 macroscopic texture images are captured from different timber logs where 70 images are used for training while 30 images are used for testing. In this work, a fuzzy pre-classifier is used to complement a set of support vector machines (SVM) to manage the large wood database and classify the wood species efficiently. Given a test image, a set of texture pore features is extracted from the image and used as inputs to a fuzzy pre-classifier which assigns it to one of the four broad categories. Then, another set of texture features is extracted from the image and used with the SVM dedicated to the selected category to further classify the test image to a particular wood species. The advantage of dividing the database into four smaller databases is that when a new wood species is added into the system, only the SVM classifier of one of the four databases needs to be retrained instead of those of the entire database. This shortens the training time and emulates the experts’ reasoning when expanding the wood database. The results show that the proposed model is more robust as the size of wood database is increased.