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Analysis of 12 X-STR loci in the population of south Croatia

Mršić, Gordan, Ozretić, Petar, Crnjac, Josip, Merkaš, Siniša, Račić, Ivana, Rožić, Sara, Sukser, Viktorija, Popović, Maja, Korolija, Marina
Molecular biology reports 2017 v.44 no.1 pp. 183-189
DNA, X chromosome, capillary electrophoresis, computer software, females, forensic sciences, haplotypes, linkage disequilibrium, linkage groups, loci, males, microsatellite repeats, polymerase chain reaction, Croatia
The aim of the study was to assess forensic pertinence of 12 short tandem repeats (STRs) on X-chromosome in south Croatia population. Investigator® Argus X-12 kit was used to co-amplify 12 STR loci belonging to four linkage groups (LGs) on X-chromosome in 99 male and 98 female DNA samples of unrelated donors. PCR products were analyzed by capillary electrophoresis. Population genetic and forensic parameters were calculated by the Arlequin and POPTREE2 software, and an on-line tool available at Hardy–Weinberg equilibrium was confirmed for all X-STR markers in female samples. Biallelic patterns at DXS10079 locus were detected in four male samples. Polymorphism information content for the most (DXS10135) and the least (DXS8378) informative markers was 0.9212 and 0.6347, respectively. In both male and female samples, combined power of discrimination exceeded 0.999999999. As confirmed by linkage disequilibrium test, significant association of marker pair DXS10074-DXS10079 (P = 0.0004) within LG2 and marker pair DXS10101-DXS10103 (P = 0.0003) within LG3 was found only in male samples. Number of observed haplotypes in our sample pool amounted 3.01, 7.53, 5 and 3.25% of the number of possible haplotypes for LG1, LG2, LG3 and LG4, respectively. According to haplotype diversity value of 0.9981, LG1 was the most informative. In comparison of south Croatia with 26 world populations, pair-wise [Formula: see text] values increase in parallel with geographical distance. Overall statistical assessment confirmed suitability of Investigator® Argus X-12 kit for forensic casework in both identification and familial testing in the population of south Croatia.