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Membrane fouling mitigation in a moving bed membrane bioreactor combined with anoxic biofilter for treatment of saline wastewater from mariculture

Song, Weilong, You, Hong, Li, Zhipeng, Liu, Feng, Qi, Peishi, Wang, Fang, Li, Yizhu
Bioresource technology 2017 v.243 pp. 1051-1058
biofilters, biomass, fouling, hydrophobicity, mariculture, membrane bioreactors, salinity, wastewater
Membrane fouling mitigation in a novel AF-MBMBR system (moving bed membrane bioreactor (10L) coupled with anoxic biofilter (4L)) under high salinity condition (35‰) was systematically investigated. Pre-positioned AF served as a pretreatment induced significant decrease of suspended biomass by 85% and dissolved organic matters by 51.7% in subsequent MBR, which resulted in a reduction of cake layer formation. Based on this, sponge bio-carriers in MBMBR further alleviated the fouling propensity by modifying extracellular polymeric substances (EPS) properties. The protein component in EPS decreased from 181.4 to 116.5mg/g MLSS, with a decline of protein/carbohydrate ratio from 4.6 to 3.4. In particular, elimination of hydrophobic groups like aromatic protein-like substance in EPS was detected. These caused the less biomass deposition on membrane surface, thereby alleviating membrane fouling. In summary, mitigation of membrane fouling in AF-MBMBR should be attributed to contributions from both pre-positioned AF and sponge bio-carriers.