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Ranching fish using acoustic conditioning: Has it reached a dead end?

Zion, Boaz, Barki, Assaf
Aquaculture 2012 v.344-349 pp. 3-11
acoustics, fish culture, fish production, mariculture, ranching, research and development, researchers, Japan, Norway
In the last few decades, continuous attempts have been made to develop methods and technologies to increase fish production. However, unlike other research fields related to aquaculture, acoustic ranching of fish has never attracted intensive activity. Research and developments have been sporadic and lacking in international collaboration. In this review, we describe acoustic sea ranching studies and the progress made in the last 40years, since the foundations of this method were laid in Norway and Japan. We searched for conclusions drawn by various researchers around the world which might indicate that the concept of acoustic ranching has completely failed, essentially reaching a dead end. Our conclusion is that it has not. On the contrary, there are solid indications that it bears great potential. We discuss the major hurdles which science and technology must overcome in order to achieve significant breakthroughs toward successful applications.