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Eggs Distribution Behaviour of Dubas Bug (Ommatissus Lybicus: Homoptera: Tropiduchidae) in Relation to Seasons and Some Physico- Morphic Characters of Date Palm Leaves

Shah, Arif, Mohsin, Ata Ul, Hafeez, Zahid, Naeem, Muhammad, Haq, Muhammad Irfan Ul
Journal of insect behavior 2013 v.26 no.3 pp. 371-386
Tropiduchidae, adults, chlorophyll, eggs, fronds, leaves, nymphs, pests, sap, spring, summer
Dubas bug, Ommatissus lybicus, is a major pest of date palm in Panjgur Balochistan. Both the nymphs and adults suck the sap from fruit stalk, leaves and may cause about 50 % of economic losses. Chlorophyll contents and leaf thickness was measured by using SPAD-502 chlorophyll meter and vernier caliper respectively. Eggs distribution density was highly significant in different frond rows and within frond during spring (1ˢᵗ) and summer (2ⁿᵈ) generations. In both generations number of eggs per leaflet decreased towards the apex fronds rows and within frond number of eggs decreased towards the terminal leaflets. Eggs distribution had negative correlation with leaf thickness; chlorophyll contents (SPAD value) and frond row (bottom to top). Apparently shade affect the eggs laying behaviour of dubas bug.