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Hemp (Cannabis sativa subsp. sativa) flour and protein preparation as natural nutrients and structure forming agents in starch based gluten-free bread

Korus, Jarosław, Witczak, Mariusz, Ziobro, Rafał, Juszczak, Lesław
Lebensmittel-Wissenschaft + [i.e. und] Technologie 2017 v.84 pp. 143-150
amylopectin, color, crystallization, deformation, dietary fiber, flavor, flour, gluten-free bread, gluten-free dough, hemp, nutrients, nutritive value, protein concentrates, rheological properties
The aim of the study was to use hemp flour and hemp protein concentrate as natural nutritional and structure-forming agents in gluten-free starch bread and to determine their impact on rheological properties of dough and quality and staling rate of bread crumb. The influence of hemp preparations on rheological characteristics of gluten-free dough was significant. Replacing a portion of starch with hemp flour resulted in a weakening of dough structure, which became more susceptible to deformation, while 20% share of hemp protein concentrate reinforced the structure of the tested dough. The presence of both investigated hemp preparations significantly improved nutritional value of bread. The changes involved increased levels of fiber from 15.2 up to 61.0 g/kg, and dietary fiber from 29.3 to 90.0 g/kg. Supplementation of bread with hemp protein favorably influenced the color of crumb by reducing its lightness from 62.3 to 40.8 and increased bread volume from 633 to 878 mL. Bread enriched with hemp preparations was characterized by improved sensory acceptance, especially in respect to color and flavor. Supplementation of starch bread with preparations based on hemp limited crumb hardening and amylopectin recrystallization during storage.