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Contaminant transport in wetland flows with bulk degradation and bed absorption

Wang, Ping, Chen, G.Q.
Journal of hydrology 2017 v.552 pp. 674-683
absorption, constructed wetlands, environmental degradation, hydrology, models, prediction, solutes
Ecological degradation and absorption are ubiquitous and exert considerable influence on the contaminant transport in natural and constructed wetland flows. It creates an increased demand on models to accurately characterize the spatial concentration distribution of the transport process. This work extends a method of spatial concentration moments by considering the non-uniform longitudinal solute displacements along the vertical direction, and analytically determines the spatial concentration distribution in the very initial stage since source release with effects of bulk degradation and bed absorption. The present method is demonstrated to bear a more accurate prediction especially in the initial stage through convergence analysis of Hermite polynomials. Results reveal that contaminant cloud shows to be more contracted and reformed by bed absorption with increasing damping factor of wetland flows. Tremendous vertical concentration variation especially in the downstream of the contaminant cloud remains great even at asymptotic large times. Spatial concentration evolution by the extended method other than the mean by previous studies is potential for various implements associated with contaminant transport with strict environmental standards.