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Least limiting water range of Udox soil under degraded pastures on different sun-exposed faces

Passos, Renato Ribeiro, Marciano da Costa, Liovando, Rodrigues de Assis, Igor, Santos, Danilo Andrade, Ruiz, Hugo Alberto, Guimarães, Lorena Abdalla de Oliveira Prata, Andrade, Felipe Vaz
International agrophysics 2017 v.31 no.3 pp. 393-400
Udox, hills, pastures, soil management, soil sampling, water use efficiency, Brazil
The efficient use of water is increasingly important and proper soil management, within the specificities of each region of the country, allows achieving greater efficiency. The South and Caparaó regions of Espírito Santo, Brazil are characterized by relief of ‘hill seas’ with differences in the degree of pasture degradation due to sun exposure. The objective of this study was to evaluate the least limiting water range in Udox soil under degraded pastures with two faces of exposure to the sun and three pedoenvironments. In each pedoenvironment, namely Alegre, Celina, and Café, two areas were selected, one with exposure on the North/West face and the other on the South/East face. In each of these areas, undisturbed soil samples were collected at 0-10 cm depth to determine the least limiting water range. The exposed face of the pasture that received the highest solar incidence (North/West) presented the lowest values in least limiting water range. The least limiting water range proved to be a physical quality indicator for Udox soil under degraded pastures.