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Physical-chemical modeling of elements' behavior in mixing sea and fresh waters of minor rivers in the White Sea catchment area Part A Toxic/hazardous substances & environmental engineering

Maksimova, Victoria V., Mazukhina, Svetlana I., Cherepanova, Tatiana A., Gorbacheva, Tamara T.
Journal of environmental science and health 2017 v.52 no.9 pp. 890-896
filters, goethite, mixing, models, rivers, seawater, sediments, watersheds, Arctic region
The physical-chemical stage of marginal filters in minor rivers of the White Sea catchment area by the example of the Umba River, flowing to Kandalaksha Gulf, has been explored. Application of the method of physical-chemical modeling on the basis of field data allowed establishing migration forms of a number of elements in the “river-sea” system and deposition of solid phases when mixing waters. The mixing of river and sea water is accompanied by the sedimentation of predominantly goethite, hydromuscovite, and hydroxylapatite. Sediments in mixing river and sea waters were found to be mainly composed by goethite, hydromuscovite, and hydroxylapatite. The research has added to the knowledge of the role of the abiotic part in the marginal filters of small rivers in the Arctic.