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Perception of biotech trees by Slovak university students – a comparative survey

Moravčíková, Jana, Matušíková, Ildikó, Nemeček, Peter, Blehová, Alžbeta, Balážová, Želmíra, Gálová, Zdenka, Mészáros, Patrik, Kraic, Ján
Nova biotechnologica et chimica 2017 v.16 no.1 pp. 12-19
European Union, college students, females, forest trees, laws and regulations, males, markets, surveys, transgenic plants, universities
Acceptance of genetically modified plants is restricted in EU by legislation, while the attitude of public is not favourable as well. Surveys show that knowledge about GM plants is getting increased. Newly developed strategies on GM safety for environment can be a crucial aspect for the (partial) acceptance in future. GM trees as non-edible plants might appear as more admissible, however, are relatively rarely discussed. We performed a comparative survey on knowledge and perception of GM forest trees among students at four Slovak universities. We also compared their responses between as well as with the outcome of similar cross-country survey in frames of the COST Action FP0905. The results point to very similar attitude of Slovak students when compared with students from other countries, no significant difference between responses of males and females, but also influence of age as well as orientation of their study (natural sciences vs. economy) on view of GM tree safety and placing on the market.