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Engineering properties of red clover (Trifolium pratense L.) seeds

Zielinska, Magdalena, Zapotoczny, Piotr, Białobrzewski, Ireneusz, Zuk-Golaszewska, Krystyna, Markowski, Marek
Industrial crops and products 2012 v.37 no.1 pp. 69-75
Trifolium pratense, bulk density, diploidy, engineering, porosity, seeds, tetraploidy
Selected engineering properties of seeds of four red clover varieties were studied. The seeds of diploid and tetraploid forms were statistically different in terms of true and bulk density, porosity, volume, 1000 seed weight, equivalent diameter and yellowness index. The volume, 1000 seed weight and equivalent diameter were found to be statistically higher for tetraploid than for diploid forms. The accuracy of varietal classification based on the physical properties of seeds was found to be most satisfactory. Varieties of Bona and Jubilatka were identified with 100% accuracy based on the physical properties of seeds. Bona was the most conducive variety for the classification of red clover seeds based on four groups of engineering properties. The relationships between groups of properties described by total redundancy did not exceed 50% for any of variable pairs.