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Kinetics and Adsorption-Desorption Behavior of AM Nitrification Inhibitor in Mollisols

Rawat, K. S., Srivastava, A., Bhatt, S. C., Pachauri, S. P., Srivastava, P. C.
Communications in soil science and plant analysis 2017 v.48 no.8 pp. 857-864
Mollisols, adsorption, clay fraction, desorption, electrical conductivity, leaching, models, nitrification inhibitors, soil sampling, sorption isotherms
Kinetics and adsorption-desorption behavior of a potent nitrification inhibitor, 2-amino 4-chloro 6-methyl pyrimidine (AM), was examined in Mollisol samples of different depths. Adsorption of AM was better accounted by pseudo-second order kinetics. Adsorption and desorption data of AM onto soil samples of different depths conformed to single surface Freundlich isotherm model. The values of ln K varied from −0.1515 (0–15 cm) to 1.5171 (45–60 cm) and of 1/n from 0.9961 (45–60 cm) to 1.3237 (30–45 cm). Computed values of desorption capacity (ln K’) varied from 3.4734 (0–15 cm) to 4.0674 (45–60 cm) while that of 1/n´ from 0.0017 (45–60 cm) to 0.0367 (0–15 cm). Intensity of desorption (1/n´) had significant positive correlation with soil electrical conductance and clay content. The values of desorption index (n´/n) varied from 14.60 (0–15 cm) to 472.33 (30–45 cm) indicating high degree of irreversibility of adsorbed AM and hence poor leaching from these soils.