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Morphology Modulating the Wettability of a Diamond Film

Tian, Shibing, Sun, Weijie, Hu, Zhaosheng, Quan, Baogang, Xia, Xiaoxiang, Li, Yunlong, Han, Dong, Li, Junjie, Gu, Changzhi
Langmuir 2014 v.30 no.42 pp. 12647-12653
hardness, hydrophilicity, hydrophobicity, water management, wettability
Control of the wetting property of diamond surface has been a challenge because of its maximal hardness and good chemical inertness. In this work, the micro/nanoarray structures etched into diamond film surfaces by a maskless plasma method are shown to fix a surface’s wettability characteristics, and this means that the change in morphology is able to modulate the wettability of a diamond film from weakly hydrophilic to either superhydrophilic or superhydrophobic. It can be seen that the etched diamond surface with a mushroom-shaped array is superhydrophobic following the Cassie mode, whereas the etched surface with nanocone arrays is superhydrophilic in accordance with the hemiwicking mechnism. In addition, the difference in cone densities of superhydrophilic nanocone surfaces has a significant effect on water spreading, which is mainly derived from different driving forces. This low-cost and convenient means of altering the wetting properties of diamond surfaces can be further applied to underlying wetting phenomena and expand the applications of diamond in various fields.