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Calystegia sepium – an expansive weed of maize fields near Krakow

Dorota Gala-Czekaj, Michał Gąsiorek, Wiktor Halecki, Agnieszka Synowiec
Acta agrobotanica 2016 v.69 no.4 pp. aa.1690
Calystegia sepium, Zea mays, fields, habitat preferences, multivariate analysis, plant-water relations, sandy soils, soil-plant interactions, streams, weeds
The aim of the present study was to assess the degree of colonization of maize fields by the greater or hedge bindweed, Calystegia sepium L. in the vicinity of Krakow, and to investigate the habitat preferences of this weed. On the basis of field trips, carried out in 88 fields of maize, we found that C. sepium had colonized approximately 30% of the fields investigated. On average, it covered 17.5% of the field area. Multivariate analyses (PCA and RDA) showed that the presence of this species was correlated with that of sandy soils as well as the proximity of streams. Analysis of the morphological features revealed that C. sepium specimens growing both in fields and in natural stands share similar morphological characteristics.